Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Archery Links To Other SItes

 I have set this up as a first stop for anyone who wants to find something about Archery. It's mainly UK, but there may be other non-UK links here too if I think they are useful. I've also popped in a couple of 2012 Olympics links.

I am by no means an expert archer. I started in 2010 and decided to concentrate on barebow rather than recurve or compound. I belong to the Newhaven Archery Club, which is based not too far from Brighton, East Sussex, UK. We have an active membership with summer spent at our field near Firle and winter indoors at Tideway school. Both are great fun - with a great bunch of people.

Hope you find this blog useful. (I do lots of other things online, so have included some of those links - on the right - which may pique your interest!)