Saturday, 2 June 2012

Olympics 2012 Archery Tickets - All gone!

I've just checked the tickets website and there are none available for any of the archery events. Not to worry, hopefully there will be some good coverage on TV. Unfortunately, I left it too late to buy any for myslef, but I do know a certain member who was given a couple for his birthday - lucky man! (Paul - you know who you are - enjoy for all of us!)

While I'm here - a warm welcome to all the new members who have joined Newhaven Archery Club having successfully completed the Beginners course last month. I enjoyed helping trainees 'on the line' and look forward to seeing you at Firle soon.

The revised NAC website is still 'under construction', so you may notice some discrepancies in the dates and some bad links. I'm not doing it, but the person who is is beavering away personfully.


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