Monday, 27 August 2012

Upgrading my bow

I've finally decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my bow - limbs & riser. I was going to just buy new limbs, but when I got them they didn't fit my riser, so I ended up having to upgrade that as well.The new riser is a bit lighter - so back to finding sight marks again!

At the same time as I was eBaying for bits and bobs, I came across someone who makes bowslings. As I bought most of my main equipment 2 years ago, my old sling is started to fray, so now I have a rather smart black/green one. I've put a link to the supplier in the links page too,

A very busy month coming up - NAC Champiosnhips, an inter-club match vs Plumpton and the Burntwood - for which I am defending my title (so to speak).

Here's a tip: even if you are a beginner from this year's intake, rattle off a few proper scoring rounds and you may win the Burntwood! You just need to have a handicap registered. That's how I managed it last year. I had an awful score, but my handicap leap-frogged me to the win. Go for it!