Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Joys of Archery Handicaps

The Joys of Archery Handicaps

Today we had our NAC Summer Championships. Not too many of us, sadly, but we enjoyed the day. A complete mix of young/old and all bow types either shot the whole day or came just for the afternoon.

I think there were some people who were VERY surprised to go home with their newly won trophies! It does come as a big surprise when a beginner shoots their very best, but doesn't achieve a very high score - yet is called up as the 1st place winner.

It happened to me last year when I won the Burntwood - a trophy which I must return in 2 weeks' time and try and win it back. However, with the beginners now having registered their handicaps, I will be hard-pressed to do that.

That's the joy (or bane) of the handicap system. It puts everyone on an even playing field, just a few points difference in handicap can result in someone with a lower score leap-frogging everyone else and winning!

That's why we encourage our new beginner members to shoot proper rounds and send their scores in to the Records Officer every time. You can only get a handicap once you have shot at least 3 proper rounds. Well worth doing if it means you may be the next proud (and very surprised) winners of the top awards.


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