Monday, 5 November 2012

The Indoor Worcester Archery Round

The Indoor Worcester Archery Round

I don't remember shooting the Worcester Archery Round before, but fellow members assure me that I have It's rather unusual, which makes a nice change.

60 arrows at 20 yards onto a 16 inch face which - wait for it - is black & white. AND there are two of them - one above the other!
Worcester round target face

What's more, each end is just 5 arrows and it's 5-zone scoring - which works out as a maximum 25 possible for each end and max possible score for the whole Worcester round is 300. The white circle is the 'gold' and scores 5. You start by shooting 30 arrows (6 ends of 5) onto the top target and the next 30 onto the bottom target. If you hit the wrong target those arrows do not score.

I like Worcesters, probably because they are different, and it's why I always look forward to the Arundown Worcester Triple in February.

Here's a link to the Arundown club's site:

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