Sunday, 24 March 2013

What is A Robin Hood in archery?

What is A Robin Hood in archery?

And no, it's not someone dressed up as the legendary archer! It's when someone shoots an arrow which ends up in splitting, mangling - or in otherwords destroying another arrow. It doesn't matter if you do it to your own or someone else's arrow - it's still a Robin Hood. And here's what it looked like today:

I was fortunate to be field captain at our NAC Championships today. We had just started shooting our sighters and on his second arrow, Terry Skinner produced this very long arrow. His second shot had gone straight into the end of his first arrow and penetrated about 8 inches. Very expensive!

You can just about make out the point on the far left.

and here's the man himself:

So, a memorable finale to our indoor season at Tideway. It was a good turnout too. And who won? Terry Skinner - with Phil Reay 2nd and myself third. (But I missed out on my elusive 3rd D classification.)

Looking forward to going back outside though.