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As at 10th September 2014

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Arrows - 8 x X7 Easton Eclipse 1914, 26.25 inch.

These are aluminium arrows with Easton G-nocks (small groove, flouresecent green) and points. No wraps or fletches. All shoot straight, but some show obvious signs of wear as they are a couple of years old. Some of the points are newer than others, as is one of the arrows. Includes 4 spare nibbs/points.  

These are about £6.45 new without fletchings. £22 for the 8.

You can find an arrows selection chart on the Easton Archery site - you may need help to interpret it!

Go to http://www.eastonarchery.com/downloads and download or open the Catalog - the charts start on page 21.

More about the X7 Eclipse arrows here:

Shooting Glove - Gompi Leather Shooting Glove Brand New/Unused Black Medium Size

I bought this because I thought I had lost mine - the day it arrived, the old one turned up. So, I may as well seel this on. They are £8.95 new, so £7.50 to a good home. It's in my car, so catch me and try it on for fit (but not to test as then it will become used!

Finger tab - Decut Aco Hockii tab medium right-hand black.
You will probably need to replace the tab facing to suit your own hand, but try it first. It's worn, but only used for half a season. Platform is detached but all the screws are there. £4

A really good picture is on the AimArchery website: http://www.aimarchery.biz/decut-hockii-finger-tab/


I also have some miscellaneous bits and bobs - free to good homes: 

12 x black 1.5 inch Bohning shield vanes

and 16 x 3 inch red feather vanes - mix of left and right wing.

That's all for now.


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