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Custom Bow Slings - Sadly this link no longer works - but it may come back. My favourite cord maker too!

There's a new archery shop in Bexhill, East Sussex - Aim Archery Aim first opened in Bexhill, but they are now near Battle (although I haven't tried to find them in their new store yet!). They have lots of facilities and are very helpful. Ian was very helpful when I first visited them and everyone there has been since.They usually have some great offers and will price match even with other online retailers. You can order online if you know what you want.

My Club:
PHOTOS 1 Having fun! May 2011
PHOTOS 2 - Big Tourney May 2011

Archery GB (UK National organisation):

Eastbourne Archers:

Bayeux Bowmen (Catsfield north of Bexhill):

Ditchling Archery Club:

Other local clubs may be found through:

Where to Buy Equipment (they also have loads of advice too):
I bought 90% of my equipment from Merlin Archery Centre - they are very helpful.

I also used Quicks:

and there's Bowsports:

BIG word of advice - wherever you decide to shop: try to have a very experienced archer with you, but if you can't, make sure your bow is checked by someone at the club. Retailers don't always get things right! Arrow length - you need to allow longer. Make sure you have all the accessories you need - especially a bow-sling.  Check out my equipment suggestions page:

The 2012 Olympics (watching the archery slomos was wonderful!):
Olympic Archery - London,1920,NS.html

Some other sites: - has an excellent ebook you can download (Don't worry of the site re-directs, it's OK.)


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